Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Justin Bieber Drug Test Challenge!

It has been noted of late, the residents of the exclusive gated community that Justin Bieber also lives in, are rather fed up of all the, widely reported, disturbances in the neighborhood, caused by "The Biebs" and/or his "house mates". And now a drugs testing company, IDenta Corp., have offered a solution to their woes, some drugs testing kits, AND a financial REWARD, to those frustrated Calabasas residents, to perhaps catch Bieber out, in order for him and his friends, to be evicted from the community.  All the neighbors have to do is use the kit provided, to prove drugs were brought onto the property (a major violation of the well-to-do community's rules).

Justin Bieber looking not quite so baby baby baby faced...! 

Here is the letter so you can see for yourself, how creative this company was in getting on the bandwagon, so to speak:

June 25th

Dear residents of The Oaks of Calabasas Community,

It has been brought to our attention that your neighbor, Mr. Justin Bieber, has made little or no effort to respect homeowners around him. While his cars continue to be spotted racing around local streets (we have your back, Keyshawn), music blaring late into the night, and his posse (including Lil Za & Lil Twist, not Selena Gomez or Ed Sheeran) terrorizing the community – it simply isn’t enough to keep surveillance on him, and threaten him to stop paying the $1,000 per month for various amenities in the luxury community.

To keep Mr. Bieber and his shenanigans in line, we have included in this package 100 IDenta Touch&Know drug tests. They are the first non-biological drug testing kit offered by a retailer in the United States and can analyze 22 of society’s most endemic and problematic illicit substances (which news reports suggest Biebs knows something about).

Without having to manually handle the substance, the IDenta Touch&Know unit enables users to test the smallest amount of substance, providing immediate results without putting themselves in harm’s way.
We would like to offer all residents of the Calabasas Community the units, so they can take matters into their own hands, and send Bieber packing for good.

If a drug substance can be tested positive from the Bieb’s property, car, etc. we will write you a check for $50,000 for your troubles along with helping you make sure Justin can never open the communities doors again. 


The Touch & Know Team (IDenta Corp.)

Really??  We this is an unBelieberbal (sorry, couldn't resist!)... Good luck to the Calabasas residents on your quest!!!

The Rememba Entertainment Team :-)

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