Thursday, July 26, 2012

Are You Ready For The Olympics Opening Ceremony??

Just as Londoners and vistors alike have recovered from the Queen's Jubilee Celebrations, the time has come for London to throw the biggest event it's probably ever had to produce.

I'm sure some people can still reminisce what they were doing when it was announced 8 years ago, that London had won the bid to host the Olympic Games of 2012.   I must admit, at the time I didn't really pay much attention.  Eight years seemed such a long way off at the time, and although I knew it would be a positive experience for London, and the world, I had no idea what the future was to bring us.

I had the honour of being able to attend the Olympics Opening Ceremony Dress Rehearsal.  Prior to that, I had also received a tour of the Olympics park, which was still closed to the public, at the time. 

All I can say at this moment in time with regards to the Olympics Opening Ceremony, is WOW.  It may not be the most comprehensive English to use, and is not a term most journalists would use, however, there really is no better word to describe what I just witnessed.

I did take a pledge of #SaveTheSurprise and so at this point, you will see no pictures or video from the event, but one.    I will add the colourful media in AFTER the Opening Ceremony!

The show captures the essence of the imagination to it's fullest potential.  Except for the national anthem, there really is nothing predictable about this show at all.  It brings out every emotion, it caters to every taste, it caters to every race, and it really is an event for EVERYONE.  Danny Boyle has worked wonders creating this artistic and captivating masterpiece.  Whoever is assuming the ceremony is all about an english country garden, and some farm animals, will certainly be startled and quite possible amazed by the events that unfold right before your eyes.

The Olympic Park is also an amazing development, which that area of London was definitely in need of.  There's a new shopping mall, and outside dining plaza, right on the door step to the park.  The media centers are all in place, being eco-friendly with the re-use of painted shipping containers.  In fact the whole park has an eco-friendly atmosphere, with even the parks main sponsors - Coca Cola, and McDonalds - becoming involved by promoting recycling of any waste at the park, and pledging to create new materials out of any waste generated.

The sporting arenas really do look incredible and should more than impress any athlete who enters them.

I am not here to promote the Olympics.  I was actually quite ready to be disappointed by them (which is really not a good sign!), however, before The Games, have even begun, the whole place has really captured my heart and my spirit, so I can only imagine what it must mean for some of the athletes who have travelled from all over the world to be a part of this.

If you find time over the next two weeks, to spend a morning or afternoon witnessing the magnitude of the Olympics, I would encourage you to check out some of the sites for yourself.  After all, the Olympics is not just about rewarding record breaking athletes, it is also here to demonstrate that London really is one of the best cities in the world - even on the rainy days.

We hope to see some of you at the park!!

Words: Emily Smith
Rememba Entertainment

Picture owned by copyright of Rememba Entertainment.  All rights reserved. 2012

Monday, July 23, 2012

Honoring Olympic Winner Muhammed Ali in London


Salus Alpha Supports Honor of Muhammad Ali

VIENNA, LONDON and MAUREN, Liechtenstein, July 23, 2012
In occasion of the Olympic Games in London Muhammad Ali, one of the greatest athletes of all times, will be honored by "Sports for Peace" initiative on the 25.7.2012 in the famous Victoria & Albert Museum for his intrinsic values, courage and considerable achievements whilst benefiting his work for the Parkinson's Research and Ali Center. Ali won the Olympic Games in Rome in 1960, back then known as Cassius Clay. Salus Alpha supports this exclusive event whereby about 400 stars, celebrities and other prominent people will be attending from all over the world.

On this very special evening Muhammad Ali will be honored for his commitment for humanity, his research on the Parkinson decease and the Muhammad Ali Center.

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt are expected to attend the A-list dinner at the Victoria & Albert Museum. Jolie is a patron of Sports for Peace, which urges athletes to promote fair play and understanding.

"It is an honor for us to support this very special event for one of the most valuable athletes of all times. We are very thankful that Muhammad Ali is attending this event to receive the honor personally." says Oliver Prock, CEO of Salus Alpha.

Salus Alpha is a leading fund manager in the field of Alternative Investments which always takes a stand for human rights and matters of social concern.

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